The Changes Needed in the Democratic Party

These changes are completely within the control of the Democrat Party of Oklahoma, and are needed immediately.

  1. All Resolutions adopted by the State Convention and the most recent Democratic National Platform should always be accessible on the state website. People should know what we stand for.
  2. There should be monthly teleconferencing and or other contact with the county officials of a Congressional District, with monthly rotation. This will permit airing of ideas and complaints and, hopefully, an increasing number of compliments.
  3. V.A.N. Access and training will commence within two weeks of the state convention. (it should be happening now.) To the extent that regional in-person training is not practicable, we must create a training video to send to every corner of the state.  We have secured promises from two experienced experts in the V.A.N. who have agreed to produce the training video.
  4. Commence candidates training during the summer of 2017. Many well-intentioned candidates have no idea how to run for office in a serious manner.  The training would introduce them to operatives, pollsters, and have a discussion of the V.A.N., cutting up turfs, phone banking and make connections with media consultants for them to vet.
  5. Create a speakers’ bureau of prominent Democrats from all over the state who will pledge to attend meetings all over Oklahoma.
  6. Support the elimination of superdelegates in the presidential nominating process.
  7. Schedule a populist fundraising with campaign with small monthly donations, and secure a big name populist to conduct a mass meeting with a small admission fees. (I predict this will net way more money than the annual Carl Albert banquet.)